Thursday, September 16, 2010

Best Dolphin Tattoos Design

Dolphin Tattoos Design
Tattoos are one of today's most popular hobbies. It not only serves as a form of aesthetic enhancement but for some, it serves a wonderful memento of their past or even a reminder of what the future may bring. And because of its popularity world wide, it has then been recognized a form of art and expression. No wonder millions of people go get themselves a tattoo... There are many possible designs for tattoos such as sign tattoos, plant tattoos, human tattoos, name tattoos, and the ever so popular animal tattoos, especially dolphin tattoos.

Dolphin TattoosTattoos are defined to be a marking done by the insertion of an indelible ink into the dermis or inner layer of the skin through the use of extremely sharp needles. This process then changes the color or pigment of the skin creating the design of choice. The practice of tattooing is being practiced in all parts of the world. Some ancient civilizations primarily tattoo themselves and others as a form of showing their culture and heritages while some of the more developed countries prefer to get tattoos for the sole purpose of being "more colorful" and pretty. But whatever the reason one may have in getting tattoos might be, one thing is for sure - it can be quite painful!
Dolphin Tattoos Design lower back
Dolphin TattoosIt has been observed in the various online tattoo websites, forums, and surveys that dolphin tattoos are one of the most popular designs in this time. They say that this tattoo design is one of the fast-rising choices for tattoo-goers because the dolphin symbolizes many things both positive and negative. One answered in the forum - "the dolphin helped me portray my innocence and childish behavior" while another comment said "the dolphin is one of the most intellectual animals on Earth, so am I". Another interesting reason that one of the forum people answered was that the dolphin itself is just plain cute! As simple as that!
Dolphin Tattoos Design hand
Dolphin TattoosWhile for some, the dolphin inspired tattoos represented fun and laughter, other people who got this tattoo claimed that they got it because they do have a special connection with this sea creature. A tattoo artist said that they loved doing dolphin designs because it is one of the easiest and most fun to do because of the dozens of possible shapes and designs they could do with the body of the dolphin. Also, the color can be very simple to very dramatic. This wide array of possibilities makes the tattooing of dolphins very enjoyable.
Dolphin Tattoos Design for foot
Dolphin TattoosBoth male and female tattoo enthusiasts enjoy dolphin tattoos. They can be placed anywhere in the body but the most popular places would be the arms, the back, and the legs. The dolphin is usually depicted as diving into a pull of water or perhaps standing with its fins for a more comedic side. But whichever portrayal one chooses, he or she will most definitely end with a big smile after seeing a dolphin tattooed to his body.

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