Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Best Dragon Tattoo Designs

Dragon tattoos are often used as a symbol of strength and power. They can also be an emblem of spiritual and magical qualities. These are very good reasons why the dragon is one of the best known mythological creatures around the world.
Dragon TattoosOne of the things that make dragon tattoos so desirable is their colorful and bold designs. There are so many different ways to depict a dragon; it is easy to get creative. There are two designs that are seen most frequently. The first is the Western dragon — which has a thick, scaled body; bat-like wings, and a long neck. The second is the Eastern dragon — though still scaled, it has more of a serpentine body and generally does not have wings.

Dragon Tattoos hand

The Western dragon is most commonly used for its mythological history rather than for a deeper meaning. However, they can occasionally have a deeper meaning, such as the Celtic ‘circle of life’ dragon — which is meant to represent the cyclic nature of life. They can also show pride in nationality. An example of this would be the red dragon, which is the national symbol of Wales.

As for the Eastern dragon, it is more than a large, snake-like creature. These dragons illustrate the elements of fire, wind, earth and water. They can have far reaching implications, being neither good nor evil, they often represent the forces of nature, which can be both beautiful and brutal.

Full back Dragon Tattoos design

Although most dragon tattoos are colorful, they can also be done in black and shades of grey. Black and red is another great option, and is frequently seen in tribal tattoo designs.

Red Dragon Tattoos Design

Given the protean nature of dragons, it is possible to create a variety of scenes and a variety of creatures. One fascinating design is the koi fish dragon. The koi being a sign of masculinity, wisdom and longevity, is said to climb waterfalls and at the end of its trek, is transformed into a dragon. This design can be simple and show a creature featuring attributes of both a dragon and a koi fish, or they can be intricate and depict the journey between fish and beast.

china Dragon Tattoos

The backdrop of dragon tattoos can be just as diverse as the dragon itself. Flames, flowers and symbols of peace are frequently used. However, you can tell a story with a landscape. A medieval castle; emerging from a cave, or a Japanese woodblock-type background with rippling waves, mountains and colorful skies.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Best Flower Tattoos

Flower Tattoos with bird
Flower tattoos can be beautiful, feminine and can have a variety of meanings. For instance, the Lilly is the symbol of purity and to some, erotic love. While the lotus flower is a symbol of good fortune, peace and re-birth. Creating a bouquet on the skin can make a many tiered statement of the individual who is wearing it.

For instance, a person who pledges fidelity to their first love might surround a lilac with ivy; or, a person who finds themself to be bold and lucky may make a chain of delphinium and stephanotis around their arm.

Flower Tattoos foot

Flower tattoos are great for the fact that you can make them small and simple by using one tiny flower, or large and climbing. They can be bright and colorful, or dark and expressive. A most intriguing design is one with a tree with long branches in black, with red, blue or purple blossoms blooming from them.

You can connect the many meanings of flower tattoos with the symbolism of leaves. Though, in nature you may not see the olive leaf grown alongside a cosmos flower, by placing one of these blooms bursting in the center of olive leaves, you can express a feeling of peace.

Flower Tattoos

It is also common to mix meanings of flowers with other important symbols. Flowers creeping around a religious symbol have always been a popular image in both art and tattoos. Flower tattoos can also be combined with zodiac symbols. Every sign has its own characteristics from color, to gemstones and also flora. Creating a delicate combination of star sign and their respective flower (Aquarius with orchids, Pisces with poppies, etc.) can make a statement of who you are, and can even be used to express love for those closest to you.

Best Flower Tattoos

Whether your flower tattoos are purely for aesthetic purposes, or you want to create a deeper meaning with you design, it is always a good idea to see what they might symbolize. With the rich variety of flowers available, and the imaginative history behind them, you are sure to find something that is both appealing and meaningful.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Best Lower Back Tattoos

Lower Back Tattoos flower
In the latter part of the 1990’s, lower back tattoos became all the rage, and for good reason. The location is one of the most sexy and feminine parts of the female body, and gives you the choice of keeping it secret in a conservative style of dress or letting it show with a casual style, such as a crop shirt and hip-hugger jeans. The popular V shape that most tattoos on the lower back display gives balance to the art and further flatters the already curvy shape of a woman’s body. The showing of the lower back is often thought of as a way for a woman to exhibit her confidence and sex appeal. Adding lower back tattoos further accentuates the effect, making the lower back an excellent place to display the art that expresses both the secret and sensual qualities of a woman’s personality. In some religions, the lower back is believed to be the residence of the Kundalini, or coiled energy, and in others, the Shakti, which is the female aspect of the universe. Both of these beliefs are just more reasons that the lower back is a wonderful place to showcase a special tattoo.
Lower Back Tattoos sun

When it comes to lower back tattoos, or any tattoo for that matter it is wise to consider whether you would like there to be meaning behind the art, or if you are just looking for something to express your personal style. If meaning is important to you, here are some suggestions to help make the process of choosing a design a little simpler:

The flowering lotus is one of the most popular designs for lower back tattoos. With its, buds, flowers, and pods, the design has come to symbolize the past, present, and future. Incorporating the lotus with a sanskrit or tribal design, the symbolism of the flower is showcased by your personal style while creating a balanced, symmetrical tattoo.

Lower Back Tattoos

The Kundalini, which was mentioned earlier, is referred to in yoga as our inner snake-like energy. For such reason, the snake makes an excellent choice for lower back tattoos. Another way to express your energy within may be a design incorporating the Minoin snake goddess. When centered, then paired with furling vines, the design makes a statement of both strength and femininity.

Lower Back Tattoos butterfly

If you are looking for a design that is merely an unframed image, a presentation of an eagle spreading its wings is one example that would suit such a request. The extended wingspan would keep the desirable V shape that is so popular for lower back tattoos, and the eagle is known as the symbol of courage and desire to explore the unknown, making this image a solid choice for the independent and daring woman.

Another thing to consider when planning lower back tattoos is the size. Take into account the type of image you have chosen, and how bold of a statement you wish to make. Designs with lots of color will be much bolder than those of a grey scale, so you may want to choose a slightly smaller size to avoid the possibility of the tattoo appearing overbearing. Yet be cautious of choosing a design that is too small, as this may broaden the appearance of your back. It is your personal decision on what is right for you when choosing between the many options for lower back tattoos.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Best Dolphin Tattoos Design

Dolphin Tattoos Design
Tattoos are one of today's most popular hobbies. It not only serves as a form of aesthetic enhancement but for some, it serves a wonderful memento of their past or even a reminder of what the future may bring. And because of its popularity world wide, it has then been recognized a form of art and expression. No wonder millions of people go get themselves a tattoo... There are many possible designs for tattoos such as sign tattoos, plant tattoos, human tattoos, name tattoos, and the ever so popular animal tattoos, especially dolphin tattoos.

Dolphin TattoosTattoos are defined to be a marking done by the insertion of an indelible ink into the dermis or inner layer of the skin through the use of extremely sharp needles. This process then changes the color or pigment of the skin creating the design of choice. The practice of tattooing is being practiced in all parts of the world. Some ancient civilizations primarily tattoo themselves and others as a form of showing their culture and heritages while some of the more developed countries prefer to get tattoos for the sole purpose of being "more colorful" and pretty. But whatever the reason one may have in getting tattoos might be, one thing is for sure - it can be quite painful!
Dolphin Tattoos Design lower back
Dolphin TattoosIt has been observed in the various online tattoo websites, forums, and surveys that dolphin tattoos are one of the most popular designs in this time. They say that this tattoo design is one of the fast-rising choices for tattoo-goers because the dolphin symbolizes many things both positive and negative. One answered in the forum - "the dolphin helped me portray my innocence and childish behavior" while another comment said "the dolphin is one of the most intellectual animals on Earth, so am I". Another interesting reason that one of the forum people answered was that the dolphin itself is just plain cute! As simple as that!
Dolphin Tattoos Design hand
Dolphin TattoosWhile for some, the dolphin inspired tattoos represented fun and laughter, other people who got this tattoo claimed that they got it because they do have a special connection with this sea creature. A tattoo artist said that they loved doing dolphin designs because it is one of the easiest and most fun to do because of the dozens of possible shapes and designs they could do with the body of the dolphin. Also, the color can be very simple to very dramatic. This wide array of possibilities makes the tattooing of dolphins very enjoyable.
Dolphin Tattoos Design for foot
Dolphin TattoosBoth male and female tattoo enthusiasts enjoy dolphin tattoos. They can be placed anywhere in the body but the most popular places would be the arms, the back, and the legs. The dolphin is usually depicted as diving into a pull of water or perhaps standing with its fins for a more comedic side. But whichever portrayal one chooses, he or she will most definitely end with a big smile after seeing a dolphin tattooed to his body.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Best Dragonfly Tattoos Design

best Dragonfly TattoosJust like other winged creatures such as the fairy or the angel, dragonfly tattoos are an extremely popular tattoo for women. Perhaps this is because dragonflies appear to be gentle, delicate creatures. In many ways dragonfly tattoos can represent a free spirit because their able to fly away at any time. It also embodies light because its shell contains a unique combination of proteins and minerals, making it catch and reflect the light of the sun in that special way that dragonflies have.

Dragonfly Tattoos design for foot

Additionally, in traditional Native American beliefs, the dragonfly symbolizes invincibility, wisdom, and agility. It’s also said to be a messenger from the spirit world. This is because it’s a part of two separate realms: air and water. Because it’s able to pass through these two different worlds, the Native Americans believed that it was about to pass between our world and the world of the spirit.

Dragonfly Tattoos back

The image of the dragonfly is often associated with creativity and imagination. The way its delicate wings flutter in the air bring to mind images of fairies and magic, which puts the dragonfly in a rather romantic light. It’s no surprise why dragonfly tattoos have become increasingly popular.

And the size and variety of dragonfly tattoos almost rivals the amount of interpretations of the symbol. Common places to get a dragonfly tattoo include the ankle, lower back, shoulder, thigh, neck, and upper arm. Many women prefer small, discrete dragonfly tattoos that they can easily cover, whereas other women prefer larger monuments to the dragonfly on their bodies. Either way, dragonfly tattoos look simply wonderful.

Dragonfly Tattoos lower back

Common designs can range from simple, elegant black dragonflies to complex, highly colorful ones. Because dragonfly tattoos are very popular designs are literally endless. There are dragonfly tattoos that look exactly like a real dragonfly and there are others that utilize a bit of imagination, making them look more dragon-like. Some of the designs include other images as well, such as words, hearts, stars, crosses, Chinese symbols, and myriad other images.

Dragonfly Tattoos hand

Because of all this, it’s not at all difficult to see why dragonfly tattoos have become so popular. For anyone wishing to get a tattoo, the dragonfly is an excellent choice.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sexy Girl Tattoos With Fairy Lower Back Tattoo

Sexy Girl Tattoos With Fairy Lower Back Tattoo 1Sexy Girl Tattoos With Fairy Lower Back Tattoo 1

Sexy Girl Tattoos With Fairy Lower Back Tattoo 2Sexy Girl Tattoos With Fairy Lower Back Tattoo 2

Sexy Girl Tattoos With Fairy Lower Back Tattoo 3Sexy Girl Tattoos With Fairy Lower Back Tattoo 3

Sexy Girl Tattoos With Fairy Lower Back Tattoo 4Sexy Girl Tattoos With Fairy Lower Back Tattoo 4

Sexy Girl Tattoos With Fairy Lower Back Tattoo 5Sexy Girl Tattoos With Fairy Lower Back Tattoo 5

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shoulder Skull Tattoo Picture

Shoulder Skull Tattoo Picture 1Shoulder Skull Tattoo Picture 1

Shoulder Skull Tattoo Picture 2Shoulder Skull Tattoo Picture 2

Shoulder Skull Tattoo Picture 3Shoulder Skull Tattoo Picture 3

Shoulder Skull Tattoo Picture 4Shoulder Skull Tattoo Picture 4

Shoulder Skull Tattoo Picture 5Shoulder Skull Tattoo Picture 5

Shoulder Skull Tattoo Picture 6Shoulder Skull Tattoo Picture 6

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Amazing Dolphin Tattoo Designs For Girls Tattoo

Amazing Dolphin Tattoo Designs For Girls Tattoo 1Amazing Dolphin Tattoo Designs For Girls Tattoo 1

Amazing Dolphin Tattoo Designs For Girls Tattoo 2Amazing Dolphin Tattoo Designs For Girls Tattoo 2

Amazing Dolphin Tattoo Designs For Girls Tattoo 3Amazing Dolphin Tattoo Designs For Girls Tattoo 3

Amazing Dolphin Tattoo Designs For Girls Tattoo 4Amazing Dolphin Tattoo Designs For Girls Tattoo 4

Amazing Dolphin Tattoo Designs For Girls Tattoo 5Amazing Dolphin Tattoo Designs For Girls Tattoo 5

Amazing Dolphin Tattoo Designs For Girls Tattoo 6Amazing Dolphin Tattoo Designs For Girls Tattoo 6

Amazing Dolphin Tattoo Designs For Girls Tattoo 7Amazing Dolphin Tattoo Designs For Girls Tattoo 7